Explore Lime Funding's powerful features designed to empower your financial journey. From our comprehensive Loan Calculator to secure Plaid Integration, we provide the tools you need to make smart financial decisions with confidence.

Our Core features includes:
Equity-free Funding Requests
Loan Calculator
Timely reminder on bill payments
Transaction search
Recurring Transactions Chart
Current Debt Allocation Chart
Yearly Income/Revenue Chart
Monthly Income/Revenue Chart
Payments made weekly and monthly

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Unique User Accounts

With Lime Funding's user account feature, you have complete control over your financial world. Access your subscriptions, track bill payments, and stay informed about all your outstanding debt – all conveniently from your personalized dashboard. Take charge of your financial well-being like never before.

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Bank-Level Encryption for Data Security

Lime Funding prioritizes data security with bank-level encryption, ensuring the protection of users' sensitive financial information.

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Real-time Payment Monitoring: Monthly, Weekly, Biweekly

Lime Funding offers real-time payment monitoring, allowing users to stay on top of their financial commitments with flexible payment frequency options.

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Loan Calculations: Mortgage, Car Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan.

Lime Funding's Loan Calculations feature allows users to accurately estimate loan payments for various types, including mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and business loans. Users can input specific terms and interest rates to understand the financial implications of each loan option, enabling confident decision-making.

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Debt Tracker with Amortization Schedule

The Debt Tracker with Amortization Schedule in Lime Funding helps users manage their debts effectively. It provides a detailed schedule showing how each payment contributes to reducing the principal balance over time, empowering users to visualize their progress and make informed financial decisions.

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Secure Plaid Integration

Lime Funding offers secure access to users' financial data through Plaid integration, ensuring bank-level encryption and privacy protection.