Borrowing Should Be Easy.

Borrow for a new home purchase, refinance your existing mortgage, or consider our home equity options. Browse our business capital options as well as access to our suite of debt management tools when you download our app today. Join us on a journey towards smarter lending and wiser financial choices. Get started now and secure your financial future.

Browse our set of banking services and offerings

Lime Funding provides a comprehensive range of secure banking services, leveraging bank-level encryption and Plaid integration. Our platform enables users to calculate mortgage, car, personal, and business loans, with customization options for terms and interest rates. Our intelligent algorithm offers personalized financial recommendations, empowering users to make informed choices. Additionally, our debt tracker monitors amortization schedules and payment frequencies, enhancing financial management.

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Apply for Funding

Lime Funding simplifies the funding application process by allowing users to apply directly within the app. Whether it's for personal needs or business growth, users can seamlessly submit funding applications, making financial support more accessible and convenient.

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Bank-Level Encryption for Data Security

Lime Funding prioritizes data security with bank-level encryption, ensuring the protection of users' sensitive financial information.

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Real-time Payment Monitoring: Monthly, Weekly, Biweekly

Lime Funding offers real-time payment monitoring, allowing users to stay on top of their financial commitments with flexible payment frequency options.

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Loan Calculations: Mortgage, Car Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan.

Lime Funding's Loan Calculations feature allows users to accurately estimate loan payments for various types, including mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and business loans. Users can input specific terms and interest rates to understand the financial implications of each loan option, enabling confident decision-making.

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Debt Tracker with Amortization Schedule

The Debt Tracker with Amortization Schedule in Lime Funding helps users manage their debts effectively. It provides a detailed schedule showing how each payment contributes to reducing the principal balance over time, empowering users to visualize their progress and make informed financial decisions.

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Secure Plaid Integration

Lime Funding offers secure access to users' financial data through Plaid integration, ensuring bank-level encryption and privacy protection.

Our services are designed for businesses of all sizes

Lime Funding is designed for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises, seeking smart financial solutions. Whether you're a small business owner looking for growth capital or a large corporation optimizing your financial decisions, Lime Funding empowers you with secure tools and personalized insights to make fiscally responsible choices. Elevate your financial game with Lime Funding and secure the success of your business."


NEW YORK, NY | May 13, 2024

Lime Funding, led by visionary Brian Allen, is revolutionizing lending with innovative, secure solutions for businesses and individuals. Specializing in mortgages, business capital, and debt management, Lime Funding uses advanced technology like bank-level encryption and Plaid integration for seamless transactions. Expanding to Florida and California, their mission is to democratize financial services. With new tools for debt, subscription, and income tracking, Lime Funding proves that borrowing should be easy.



Lime Funding is making waves in the financial services industry by redefining how businesses and individuals access and secure loans. Under the leadership of Brian Allen, this tech-savvy company offers innovative solutions tailored to diverse financial needs. With a focus on customer service and the latest technology, Lime Funding provides mortgages, business capital, and advanced debt management tools. Prioritizing security with bank-level encryption and Plaid integration, they ensure a smooth and reliable user experience. Currently licensed in Texas and Colorado, Lime Funding is set to expand to Florida and California soon, making borrowing easy for everyone.

NEW YORK, NY | MSN | May 13, 2024


"By prioritizing security with bank-level encryption and Plaid integration, Lime Funding ensures a seamless and reliable user experience." -PRESS RELEASE

What makes our app stand out from the rest?


Lime Funding stands out for its innovative approach to financial management. Our advanced algorithm offers personalized financial recommendations, helping users make informed decisions. We continuously update our features to stay at the forefront of financial technology, ensuring our users have access to the latest and most effective tools.


Lime Funding leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless user experience. Our Plaid integration allows for secure access to bank data, streamlining financial tracking and calculations. We harness the power of technology to deliver real-time updates, making it easy for users to monitor their finances and stay in control.


Security is our top priority. Lime Funding sets the standard for data protection with bank-level encryption. Users can trust that their sensitive financial information is safe and private. We prioritize robust security protocols to ensure the utmost confidentiality and peace of mind.

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Why wait to take control of your financial future? Open an account with Lime Funding today and embark on a journey of financial empowerment. With our innovative tools, bank-level security, and cutting-edge technology, you'll gain the insights and support needed to make smarter financial decisions. Don't delay; secure your financial success now with Lime Funding.